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When you are starting out with your own blog or website , apart from the content there are many things to consider. For example , are you going for free domains and free hosting or paid domain/hosting and the software that you will build the site/blog on.  There are a number of options available for both cases.

To set out , it can be a bit overwhelming especially in the beginning , when I started out , I made a mistake of focusing on too much technicalities and that resulted in lagging behind on content. I will suggest  that you start out with a free host  and focus on your content first. To do this , the most popular platforms are blogger or free WordPress hosting at It will give you a ready made platform where you can start creating content straight away .  One thing I would advice  is to go live out with your domain name , that will help to build a better identity and will preserve your SEO when you are moving to different hosting plan.You can buy cheap domains here.

In the free hosting , as can be expected , there are a number of limitations , like little customization and no plugins for  and blogger has very little theme support vis a vis wordpress. Once you have reasonable amount of posts and feel that you should market your blog with some unique twist , it is time to host on your own now, at this point if you are using blogger then it is the best time to switch to  WordPress , which gives amazing amount of functionality  , mind boggling themes and a great community which is extremely supportive.

In the paid hosting part I am using  a small orange as the web host  for the last two years and I have never had any major problem with them. Apart from this blog , I have one more site  with them . They give very quick replies and also give live dial in support (which I have not required so far). I have not discussed the other options here as I want to only endorse the product which I have used. I have read many articles and testimonials before actually settling for them and I have not regretted one bit. You can have a look at their multiple plans  which starts at less than $3 a month.


Now the last thing that is remaining is to transfer the content from your free host to your own host. If you have used free wordpress hosting , then you can use plugin like Duplicator . For moving from blogger you may have look at this. So , to summarize you can start with a free blog/platform with your own domain and when you have done the basic content generation for your site then you can move to run the show on your own.


Siyanatullah Khan

Siyanatullah Khan

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